Expedition Yacht Construction

At Ocean Voyager, our ethos is centered around crafting robust, long-range power boats distinguished by their sustainability, efficiency, and functionality. We dedicate ourselves to constructing vessels capable of withstanding the harshest conditions, ensuring systems are easily accessible for straightforward maintenance. Our commitment extends to environmental responsibility, incorporating green technologies like solar power and efficient hull forms to minimize our ecological footprint. This dedication to strength, reliability, and eco-conscious innovation defines our unique approach in the maritime industry, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and pioneering design in every project we undertake. 

Construction and Refits

            Major Price Reduction

The Ocean Voyager 70’ “Tara” combines luxury with efficiency, designed for the ultimate cruising experience. It features a spacious layout with 5 staterooms, achieves a 1400 nautical mile range at an economical speed of 9.5 knots, and is equipped for long-term, comfortable living aboard in various climates.

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"Rogue," a former offshore fishing vessel built in 2004, was transformed by Ocean Voyager in 2015 into a luxury exploration catamaran. Featuring a vast deck for submarines and tenders, and emphasizing efficiency and seaworthiness, Rogue offers adventurous luxury for exploring remote destinations with a small crew. 

Pink Shrimp, a 104-foot shrimper refitted by Ocean Voyager, was designed for extreme reliability and  long-range cruising with a focus on low maintenance and rugged reliability. Ocean Voyager's refit emphasized custom details and minimalist luxury, equipping the vessel with twin Cummins engines for optimal fuel efficiency and a cruising speed of 9 knots with an ability to carry large tenders

The yacht Acharné, refitted by Ocean Voyager, exemplifies excellence in marine engineering and design innovation. Originally crafted for superior upwind performance, its transformation into an ultra-light displacement trawler by Ocean Voyager has enhanced its cruising speed, economy, and overall seaworthiness. The meticulous refit focused on simplicity, safety, and reliability, ensuring Acharné remains a paragon of modern maritime achievement.

Chagos, refitted by Ocean Voyager, is a 28.96-meter steel expedition yacht, notable for its durable construction and capacity for long-range voyages. Originally launched in 2013, this vessel embodies a practical and robust design philosophy, making it an ideal platform for adventurous expeditions and activities, all while ensuring comfort and reliability for its occupants. 

Lara was a conversion from a Gulf Fishing vessel to a rugged, luxurious expedition vessel capable of all ocean cruising with an exceptional range of over 6000NM

Tara was our original fishing vessel conversion, with a single Caterpillar 3408. and an exceptional 5000 nm range. She served as the prototype for the later larger conversions. When she was sold she cruised Antigua to New Zealand with only 2 stops.