Ocean Voyager's transformative vision and expert craftsmanship have redefined the former racing yacht Sagamore into the extraordinary explorer yacht, Acharne. With a legacy of reliability, safety, simplicity, and design innovation, Ocean Voyager has meticulously refitted Acharne, showcasing their trademark dedication to superb workmanship and innovative marine engineering. 

Originally built by New England Boat Works to a Bill Langen design, the Acharne began its life as a racing sailboat named Sagamore, famed for its performance, upwind strength, long waterline, and seaworthiness. This hull, constructed from all carbon, epoxy, and Nomex core, was vacuumed and baked to exacting specifications, setting the stage for its remarkable transformation. 


Acharne was reborn with a clear vision: to create the perfect cruiser capable of long-range power cruising with an uber-low carbon footprint. The refit, which included redesigning the layout, draft, power configuration, and enhancing stability performance, was driven by a need for speed, simplicity, and sustainability. The result is a vessel that defies traditional categorization, merging the lines between performance and exploration. 

Ocean Voyager's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of Acharne's refit. The vessel now boasts a unique blend of speed, efficiency, and comfort, capable of being operated by just two people without compromising on safety or performance. Key highlights of the refit include the incorporation of large solar panel arrays, achieving a zero-diesel charging electrical system at anchor, and a design that emphasizes stability and efficiency, ensuring Acharne is as comfortable as she is capable. 


In transforming Acharne, Ocean Voyager meticulously redesigned her interior to embody a philosophy of elegance through simplicity, focusing on practicality and minimal maintenance. This approach ensured the yacht not only remained light and fast but also became a haven of functional beauty, emphasizing comfortable living spaces that are easily manageable by just two people. This ethos reflects Ocean Voyager's dedication to creating vessels that are as sustainable and efficient as they are luxurious, marrying high-performance with high-comfort in a seamless blend of design innovation. 


As Acharne sails the oceans, she stands as a beacon of Ocean Voyager's ingenuity and dedication to pushing the boundaries of yacht refitting. This explorer yacht not only serves as a luxurious home on the waves but also as a testament to the possibilities that lie in reimagining and repurposing the vessels of yesteryears for the adventures of tomorrow.